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Housetable empowers contractors to grow their businesses by offering their clients a low-interest financing option that allows them to borrow more and complete their full renovation wish list.

Housetable’s home equity products are based on After-Renovation Value (ARV). For the first time, this enables new homeowners, who don't have a lot of home equity, to pay for renovations using a home equity loan. Home equity loans carry lower interest rates than any other home improvement loan alternative, and they allow 20 to 30 year repayment periods.

Unlike traditional construction loans, such as FHA’s 203K or Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle loan, we make life better for both the borrower and the contractor. With Housetable, you can say goodbye to the tedious in-person inspections and the paperwork required to request draws.

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Services offered
  • Offer clients low-interest financing options
  • Easy draws with no in-person inspections or paperwork
  • 100% digital application

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