Automated receipt capture & expense management

Stop chasing down paper receipts. Track expenses faster and earn 1% cash back with the Beam Visa Card.

  • Assign Beam Cards with custom spending limits
  • Capture receipts in the field from your phone
  • Categorize to projects and cost codes + sync to accounting
The Beam Corporate CardUpload receipts using the Beam Corporate Card

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Assign Visa cards to teammates

Get a credit limit in 24 hours with no credit check or personal guarantees.

Create physical and virtual cards and assign custom spending limits.

  • No credit check or personal guarantees
  • No annual fees
  • 0% APR with autopay²
  • Earn 1% cash back
  • Set individual credit limits
Manage cards for your teammates

Spend anywhere, track instantly

After each purchase, cardholders receive a notification to upload their receipt.

Expenses immediately show up in Beam's project accounting. No hand-written notes, office visits, paper pushing, or spreadsheets required.

Beam's corporate card send your a notification after each purchase to capture receipts.

Track profitability & invoice faster

With expense management on autopilot, your office will spend less time chasing down receipts or manually entering data. They can spend more time tracking profitability, improving cash flow, and winning more customers.

Categorize expenses and track them against your project budgets in real-time

Automate your bookkeeping

Beam's receipt capture and expense management solution syncs directly to your accounting system, automating hours of manual data entry every week.

Automatically sync to Quickbooks Online.

Time is money. Save both.

Join hundreds of contractors that trust Beam to simplify their construction financials.

The Beam application on a phone.