We build powerful financial tools for construction

Beam is an easy-to-use financial platform for contractors.

Our goal is to accelerate the development of housing and infrastructure by empowering builders with better financial tools and services.

The skyline near our headquarters in the Financial District of San Francisco, CA.

A team of financial and construction technology experts

Our team has built products at Stripe, Robinhood, BuildingConnected, Amazon, and more.

Why we’re building Beam

The majority of homes and infrastructure are built and maintained by small and midsized contractors. However, most financial software has underserved these businesses, and many great builders still rely on paper checks, spreadsheets, and accounting software from the 90s. As a result, the payment process is error-prone and inefficient, leading to long delays and cash flow challenges.

Beam’s easy-to-use financial platform is built to serve the needs of small and midsized contractors to help them move their processes online, speed up payments, and better manage their cash flow.

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Time is money. Save both.

Join hundreds of contractors that trust Beam to simplify their construction financials.

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