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4 Level Coach offers four distinct programs designed to help contractors grow and manage their businesses effectively:

  1. 4 Week Cash Builder: This 30-day program targets builders and remodelers with annual revenues between $1M and $5M. It helps identify and address cash leaks using a 10-point diagnostic and the Mastery Series to create a game plan for profitable growth and scalability​.
  2. Freedom Builders: This program is intended for those who have completed the 4 Week Cash Builder. It includes weekly sessions with a Success Coach and access to the Freedom Builders Academy, focusing on scaling businesses profitably and efficiently​.
  3. Sales System: An 8-week program designed to enhance the sales process with the "5 Secret Weapons" to close more deals at higher price points. It offers a Do It Yourself, Done With You, or Done For You model, providing customized strategies and support​.
  4. The Farm System: This program helps builders and remodelers achieve their first $1M in annual revenue. It includes access to the Mastery Series, tools, SOPs, and a supportive community to guide participants through the growth process​.

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Services offered
  • Identify and addressing cash leaks
  • Training on a pricing system to improve your estimating
  • Coaching on sales to close more deals at higher prices
  • Learn how to track data and how to leverage it
  • Access to a community of other home builders & remodelers

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