Integrum Construction

Integrum Construction saves over 5 hours a week by moving payments from paper check to online bank transfer

Integrum Construction completes over 30 ADU builds and major home renovations each year. That means thousands of invoices and payments between customers, subcontractors, and vendors.


Before Beam, Sergio collected all payments and paid subcontractors using paper checks. He stored contracts, subcontracts, and change orders in a shared drive. Every time he needed to create an invoice or approve a bill, he had to match up past payments to the original contract and all change orders. He then had to drive between job sites and the office to write or collect paper checks.

Subcontractors would call Sergio often, especially on Friday afternoons, requesting a paper check or asking for an update on payment.


Integrum Construction now accepts and sends all payments online through Beam. Every contract, subcontract, and change order is stored in Beam, which allows Sergio to quickly approve or send progress invoices. Clients and subcontractors receive real-time payment notifications whenever a payment is scheduled or deposited.


Sergio now spends less than an hour on invoicing and payment each week. All contracts and change orders are stored in Beam, where Sergio can track project financials and subcontract progress. His subcontractors get payment notifications and don’t call him asking for paper checks, allowing him to enjoy his Friday evenings with his family and kids.

Time is money. Save both.

Join hundreds of contractors that have already trusted Beam to simplify their billing and payments process.