A+ Construction & Remodeling

A+ Construction & Remodeling consolidated their payments process to save time and over $15,000 per year

A+ Construction & Remodeling completes over 200 renovations and additions each year by leveraging technology to streamline field and back office work.


Before Beam, A+ Construction used several different software products for invoicing, bill payment, and accounting. These products weren’t built for construction, so progress invoicing was hard to manage and there was no way to track change orders. Plus, project managers didn’t have visibility into accounting systems, so they had to frequently request updates from the accounting team.


A+ Construction consolidated their several payment processes on Beam, and now use Beam to track contract progress, change orders, and more. Beam is synchronized with Quickbooks Online to keep accounting records up-to-date in real time. Bookkeepers and project managers can log into Beam and track progress and payment status.


A+ Construction now takes a fraction of the time to invoice and pay bills, allowing them to scale without hiring additional back office staff. Payments are faster and fees are lower, improving their bottom line and cash flow. Project managers have improved communication with their subcontractors and customers because they can see real-time invoice and payment status.

Time is money. Save both.

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