Beam + QuickBooks integration

At Beam, we believe that construction management software should be affordable and streamline your business, rather than slow it down. That's why we designed our software in close partnership with contractors, solving the problems they faced and ensuring it worked well for their teams.

Unfortunately, we've heard from many contractors that other construction software is often too complex and too inflexible, leaving the team overwhelmed and dissatisfied. From project management to financial tracking, our platform is robust yet simple to use, allowing you to focus on what you do best – building and remodeling.

The value of construction management software

QuickBooks Online is the most popular accounting software for small and medium sized businesses of all types. But as a construction business, your process looks a bit different from other businesses. You manage multiple projects at a time and track complex invoices, bills, and expenses within each project. You send detailed estimates, track project budgets carefully, and manage your change orders to ensure profitability.

QuickBooks Online wasn't built specifically for construction, and many of the features you'd expect to run your back office are missing. You're probably reading this because you need a better way to do job costing, send progress invoices, or manage change orders.

Luckily, Beam integrates with QuickBooks Online so that anyone on your team can manage project financials and payments in Beam, but your accountant can still do your taxes each year.

Why builders prefer Beam integrated with QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is an accounting software that was built for small and midsized business of all types, not just contractors.
Below, we highlight some gaps in functionality that can be filled by using Beam and QuickBooks Online. *

Key features

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QuickBooks Online
Easy job costing with built-in estimate to actuals
Requires custom reports and advanced features
Client project portal with estimate, invoices, and change orders
A free plan with no trial gimmicks
Our core plan is $0/mo
30-day free trial followed by $90/mo for Plus
Affordable client payments
$5 flat ACH
1% for ACH, up to $15 per payment. Limited to payments of $50,000.
Fast & free subcontractor payments
1-2 business days, no fees
2-3 business days, $0.50 per payment + monthly fees
Easily send progress invoices
Requires 30+ steps with custom templates that won't match AIA G702/G703  
Manage change order & approvals
Collaborate with your subcontractors
Subcontractors can invoice, propose change orders, and more in Beam
Businesses use Quickbooks separately, duplicating work
Collect & sign lien waivers
Easily collect lien waivers from subcontractors & sign your own in Beam
A charge card² with receipt capture and 1% cash back
Your teammates can scan receipts and categorize expenses from their phones.
Offers a debit card which requires a loaded balance and is limited to $10,000 per day.
A high-yield bank account with no restrictions
You can pay bills directly from the balance and move funds in and out in 1 business day
Funds must be stored in "envelopes" to earn yield

Focused on the features that matter most to your business

Many platforms attempt to be a one-stop-shop for all business needs, offering a wide range of features such as marketing, scheduling, to-dos, and financial tools. However, in trying to do everything, they often end up not doing anything extremely well. Their financial tools may lack the depth and specialization needed for effective financial management.

Beam takes a different approach by focusing on financials and client communication specifically for construction businesses. By honing in on this critical aspect of your business, Beam is able to provide top-notch tools for estimating, invoicing, budgeting, accounts payable, receipt capture, and more. Many of our customers use separate, best-in-class scheduling, CRM, and marketing tools that work well alongside Beam.

The most powerful free plan in the industry

Many construction management software platforms offer short trial periods and then hit builders with unexpectedly large monthly fees. This can be frustrating and costly for businesses trialing software for a single project or part of their process.

Beam, on the other hand, offers the most powerful free plan in the industry. This plan includes essential features:
Unlimited projects
Invoicing and online payment
Online bill payment
Client portal
Expense tracking & receipt capture
Subcontractor management
Change order management
Accounting integration

The best payment experience for your clients and subcontractors

Beam is more than construction accounting software. It excels at client billing and subcontractor payments to keep your construction business running smoothly. With Beam, you can streamline your billing process and collect payments faster, which is critical for maintaining a healthy cash flow.

By using Beam, you can establish clearer billing procedures, which can lead to faster payments from your clients and to your subcontractors. With faster payments, you can easily manage your cash flow, pay your own suppliers and subcontractors on time, and reinvest in your business to fuel its growth. Ultimately, this will help you establish a positive reputation in the industry and attract more clients and subcontractors, leading to the growth and success of your construction business.
* The pricing, features, and plan descriptions are based on the information publicly provided by the vendor on its website at the time of this publication.

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